Kystar Three-Image Splicing Processor U3 Pro

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Kystar Three-Image Splicing Processor U3 Pro brief introduction
U3 Pro Support user-defined 2.6 mega-pixel output
U3 Pro Max. load of 2560×1536@60Hz in mosaic mode
Free 3-image layout, enabling easy central control of the main and side stage screens
Support signal echoing and view real-time input and output signals by software
Support multi-image preview and output monitoring
Support 4K UHD signal processing
Overlay of multi-group editable and global image-texts and captions
Seamless switching of signal and mode, with over 10 transition special effects
Support luma key, image transparency adjustment and edge feathering
Support warm backup of multi-level input signals and multi-machine
Arbitrary size stitching

Free Display of Multiple Output Modes


Kystar Three-Image Splicing Processor U3 Pro enjoys two splicing outputs and 1 pre-monitoring output. With 2.6 mega-pixel user-defined output for a single port in the copy mode, it allows the user to change the aspect ratio and refresh rate of the resolution freely.

Meanwhile, the U3 Pro splicing mode can be loaded up to 2560×1536@60H, allowing free splicing of 2×1 and 1×2 by the user based on the site condition.

Maximum support 4K Ultra HD

Multi-format Signals Processing and 4k Processing


Multi-format Signals Processing
U3 Pro is compatible with a variety of input signals : DVI×1, HDMI×1, VGA×2, CVBS×2, SDI×1 and expansion slot×1.
U3 Pro enables the simultaneous display of three windows on a single screen.The size location and hierarchical relationship of each window can be adjusted independently.

4k Processing Accommodating
4k signal input terminals including HDMI 1.4 and Dual Link DVI,U3 enables an input resolution up to 4096×2160, conveniently realizing UHD display of large LED screens!

The pictures and titles can be easily overwritten on the image

Free Display of Three Windows


Images And Texts Overlay
U3 Pro is able to generate independent images and texts overlay layer. The user is allowed to overlay pictures or characters on the signal image conveniently with the KYSTAR control software . The overlaid contents can be stored in the equipment.

Multi-screen Combination and Special-shaped Splicing
U3 Pro can not only display 3 windows on a screen, but control 3 LED screens simultaneously as well, each of which can display independently or be combined into a complete image. Besides, pixel pitch of such screens can be different.

Window transition is smooth

Seamless Transition With Effects


Whether in case of a signal or a preset, U3 Pro is capable of seamless transition, without any blackout, glimmer or delay in the process; Besides, U3 owns over ten transition effects for choice by the user, adaptable for different applications.

Multi-task processing remote preview and monitoring

Ethernet monitoring & control in real time


Ethernet control
U3 Pro can be compatible with KYSTAR  management software via Ethernet or serial communication. Users can configure parameters on U3 Pro through management software, adjust window layout, complete special effects switching, set up scheduled tasks etc.

Ethernet monitoring and preview
Via Ethernet, users can not only configure the parameters of U3 Pro, but achieve monitoring and preview through the KYSTAR management software in real time.

Set display, monitoring and preview

Local Monitoring And Preview


There’re three modes when using the local monitor & preview output of U3 Pro:
1. Monitor the outputs, showing the same image with the Display.
2. Preview the inputs, showing 6 inputs images in the same time.
3. Monitor and preview in the same time.

Hot Backup of Inp ut Signals


Users can specify the backup signal for signal source . If current signal goes wrong, the system will automatically detect and call the backup signal immediately. And if the signal returns to normal, the system will transfer back to the original signal intelligently. Building parallel system with this function, the reliability of scene can be guaranteed efficiently.

primary signal & backup signal
set transparency value

Image Configuration


Transparency adjusting and edge feathering
In order to integrate the different layers of image well, U3 Pro can change the transparency of  each windows or achieve edge feathering effect.

Independent brightness control
U3 Pro can adjust the brightness of each inputs independently so that the user can improve the quality of the specific image without influence to the others.