Kystar Theater-Grade Splicing Processor KT4 Pro

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Kystar Theater-grade Splicing Processor KT Pro brief introduction

KT Pro series processor is equipped with four DVI outputs which can be spliced together to reach a resolution up to 10.4 million pixels. The maximum horizontal resolution is 16,000 pixels and the maximum vertical resolution is 8,000 pixels.


Display of Six Windows


KT Pro series processor can display six windows of  same or different input signals. The windows can be arranged across the outputs and be overlaid of each other. It can not only display multiple signals on a single LCD screen & LED screen, but also realize centralized control of multiple screens easily.

Multi-format Signal Processing


KT Pro series processor supports six channels of video signal input, including DP×1, HDMI×1, DVI×1, Pandora×1, and two channels of custom signal that can be configured as HDMI, DVI or SDI.


Visualized Operation


The front panel of KT Pro series processor  is equipped with a 4.3-inch true color monitor screen, which can monitor the spliced output image or input signal images in real time. It can realize the visualized operation, greatly increase the reliability of signal management.


Built-in Pandora Multimedia System


KT Pro series processor is equipped with Pandora multimedia system that supports the WIFI hotspot. Users can edit and manage multimedia files through Kommander PE or Pandora box app.

At the same time, users can manage the Kystar Theater-Grade Splicing Processor KT4 Pro processor via the Kares cloud-based system.


Wireless Casting


KT Pro series processor has built-in WIFI hotspot, which enables devices of Android, IOS, Windows to wirelessly cast display content on the screen.

Seamless Switching


KT Pro series processor supports fade-in and fade-out seamless switching of signals and presets, without blank or delay during the process.


Multi-machine cascade expansion


KT Pro series processor supports frame synchronization technology,multiple machines can be cascaded by using DVI-Loop interface to reach higher resolution.


Signal Hot Backup


KT Pro series processor supports multi-level signal hot backup. It can designate any signal as the backup of the current signal. When the primary signal fails, the backup signal can be switched on automatically.


KT4, KT4Pro, KT6 Parameters Difference


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