Novastar Taurus Multimedia Player

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Novastar Taurus Multimedia Player(The new choice for fixed installations in the intelligent cloud era)


Easy intelligent control of displays, all in a slim form factor

Taurus Series Multimedia Player is widely used in advertising, digital signage, and other commercial applications. Taurus is also effectively used in Smart Cities for pole screens, scientific community displays, colored public transportation displays, and more.


Safe and stable for worry-free operation

Designed with safety in mind to keep troubles far away

Automatically connects to optimal signal, no longer a need to worry about signal loss

Comprehensive record of daily logs with full status monitoring

Real-time watchdog monitoring with automatic error correction

Receiving card cascading and redundant backup for multiple levels of protection

Flexible and unrestricted playback

Cloud playback

Wireless playback

U-disk playback

Synchronized and asynchronous modes, to meet the needs of a variety of applications

Synchronized playback, with instant display to screen. Asynchronous playback, with remote publishing. Free switching between the two modes at any time


Synchronized playback


Asynchronous playback

Control a large display with the same ease as you control your smartphone

No need for a PC – Effective control with just an APP

Pair with VNNOX cloud publishing for remote control of your display

Drastically lower cloud maintenance cost. More displays doesn’t mean greater cost


System allows manual maintenance and adjustment of display

Difficulty to reach

High risk

Big cost

Professional integration, your new calibration partner

The entire Taurus Series features professional-level integrated calibration, to restore the display to it’s original beauty



Nova CLB point to point calibration system

Color temperature and gamut adjustment

Adjustment of bright and dark seam lines

Calibration with and without a PC

One-button calibration