Novastar MBOX600

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Novastar MBOX600


Integrated 2-in-1 industrial grade PC and sending card, eliminating the need for a standalone PC and providing excellent convenience

Ultimate convenience

with no PC required


MBXOX600 is a large loading capacity independent controller developed by NovaStar. It integrates a reliable industrial-grade PC with a sending card in a single unit, allowing for easy LED display transmission with no PC required. MBOX600 features 4x USB2.0 ports and 2x USB3.0 ports for an improved user experience.


2.3 million pixel loading capacity | 18bit+ grayscale processing

Ultra-high loading capacity

High image quality


NovaStar’s MBOX600 features a maximum loading capacity of 2.3 million pixels, and supports 18bit_ grayscale processing. This allows for an excellent level of detail, showing fine details even in the light and dark areas of an image. A more lifelike image that takes into account the way our eyes see the world, allowing for a truly immersive visual experience.

Support exposure environment

Cloud publishing and monitoring – Control ALL your displays, from anywhere

Cloud control

Intelligent operation


Easily meet the needs of any commercial application

Smooth and stable operation

Better than ever before

i5 7200U

Intel dual-core processor

Wired/WiFi, 4G

Support for multiple connection types


Resistant to extreme cold or heat


Extreme cold weather

Extreme heat environment

MBOX600 utilizes an Intel i57200U dual-core processor, with support for core and EIST energy saving technologies. Playback is smooth, and the unit is designed with reliability in mind. MBOX600 supports wired, WiFi, and 4G connection methods, and is capable of operation in extreme temperatures from 20℃ to 60℃, allowing it to meet the needs of a variety of commercial applications.