How do LED display manufacturers install magnetic modules to splice large screens?

For some customers, if the LED display is fixedly installed in one place, then there is no need to spend too much money to buy the cabinet. If the entire screen of the LED display is installed without the cabinet splicing, then how to splice the modules into LED display?

After installing the LED display through the magnetic module, careful inspection is required.

1. Calculate the number of magnetic module power supplies, receiving cards, etc.:
First calculate the number of modules based on the length and width of the display, area and module model, such as large screen length: 5.376 meters, height: 3.584 meters, using P4 module, module length: 0.256 meters, height 0.128 meters, Long requirement: 5.376/0.256=21 modules, high requirement: 3.584/0.128=28 modules. The number of vertical back strips needs to add 1 to the length of the module, that is: 21+1=22, one power supply can carry 7 modules, so the power supply needs: 21*28/7=84 power supplies; then calculate the receiving Number of cards and sending cards.

2. Fix the back strip and receiving card, power supply:
Fix the cut back strip at the LED display installation position, and fix the power supply, receiving card and sending card.

3. Put the magnet on the module.

4. Put the module on the strip screen: put the screwed magnet on the strip screen, because the strip screen is an iron strip after plating, it will not rust, and the magnet is magnetic, so the magnet can be adsorbed On the back strip, it will not fall off. Before assembling the module on the panel, connect the power cord and the ribbon cable.

The method of magnetic attraction will make the LED display more beautiful.

5. After the installation is complete, light up the LED display: After all the modules are installed, connect the wires, set the program, and you can use the big screen.

The above five steps can install the module into a display screen, which not only makes the LED display screen easy to move, but also saves some costs.