Kystar Hero 1000

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9.6 Million Pixels Splicing Output


Hero 1000 is equipped with 2 groups of DVI output that are back-up to each other. Each group has 4 DVI outputs that can be spliced together to achieve the resolution of 9.6 million pixels. The maximum horizontal resolution is 16,000 pixels and the maximum vertical resolution is 8,000 pixels.


Multi-screen display


Hero 1000 supports four local video layers and controls eight video layers from standard external system. It can easily realize multiple displays control.

Working with Kommander F2 media server, Hero 1000 can control more than 40 HD layers.






Interactive Hardware Design Of The Console


With a interactive hardware design, Hero 1000 is equipped with a 15.6” LCD touchscreen, aviation level T-bar, 76 reactive keys and 4 adjusting knobs to achieve fast and precise operation.


Dual 4K@60Hz Input


Hero 1000 supports 6 digital signal inputs: DP * 2, DVI * 2, HDMI * 1 and SDI * 1. Both of the DP inputs support 4K * 2K @ 60Hz or 8K * 1K @ 60Hz UHD resolution.


EDID Editing Of Inputs


Inputs of Hero 1000 support EDID customized editing, which enables DP signal to support the resolution of 8K *1K@60Hz.


Seamless Signal Switching



Hero 1000 supports more than ten switching effects that can achieve seamless switching between different signals or even between different presets.


Visualized Interaction Management


With built-in control system and interactive screen, Hero 1000 enables users to observe the current displaying content and all the input signals in real time, and complete the WYSIWYG layout operation.

In addition, Hero 1000 supports pre-editing. Users can visually edit layout and display content in the preview mode, and activate it after confirming.



Multimedia Playing System


The built-in system of Hero 1000 supports multimedia playing. Users can import multimedia files into the playback system through USB devices. These multimedia files will be displayed on the screen in the form of a physical layer.

In addition, users can create a playlist to specify the playing order of multimedia files.



Linkage with external systems


Hero 1000 can be linked with Kommander series media control system to be controlled, previewed and edited together by the touchscreen. It enables users to handle the complex scene easily. Even one operator can complete the entire scene scheduling.


Linkage with external systems


Hero 1000 can be linked with Kommander series broadcasting control system and server to control, and can be previewed and edited by touch screen. It can easily realize one button call of complex scene, and even one operator can complete the entire scene scheduling.


Capture Background Image For Backup


Hero 1000 can capture the output image and store it in the device as the background image. When the normal playing signal gets out of order, the background image can be automatically displayed on the screen as backup content.

Users can also select other videos or pictures which be already saved in Hero 1000 as backup content.


Signal Hot Backup


Hero 1000 can designate any signal as the backup of the current signal. When the signal gets out of order , the backup signal can be switched on automatically


Work With Kommander To Be More Safe


Hero 1000 can identify Kommander series software and server products, supporting KSF and KVS technology. So that Hero 1000 and Kommander system can form a highly reliable backup system .


Common application scenarios