Mooncell A10X

Mooncell A10X is a small-sized receiving card that was fully researched and developed by Mooncell; it adopted the high-precision 120 PIN connector;

it can support a maximum 32 groups of parallel connection data; the maximum loading capacity could reach up to 512*512 pixels; with strong processing ability, supper reliability, and high competitive price.


Product Features

  1. It features a small size and thickness, saving a lot more space for the narrow cabinet and
    space of the led strip(bar).
  2. It features high precision connector, which is dust-proof & shockproof; with high reliability
    and stability.
  3. Integrated network transformer to simplify the design and improve electromagnetic
  4. With MCU design, improve the flexibility of product application
  5. It supports dual card backup functions, which has enhanced its reliability and stability.
  6. With strong LED Driver IC compatibility

Application Scenarios

It could be widely used for high-end LED display area that requires high standards; and has
significant advantages in application scenarios such as LED rental display, TV Broadcast, LED
display for respectable Event,High-end project,etc