Mooncell B1600

Mooncell B1600 has a variety of video signal reception capabilities, ultra-high definition full 4K× 2K@60Hz image processing capabilities, and transmission capabilities;

The processed video can be sent to the LED display through the network port and optical fiber port;

With strong processing capacity, super stable performance, and super high-cost performance.


Product Features

1、Varieties of input interface:1X DP1.2 Input;1X HDMI2.0 Input;1X Audio Input

2、Multiple Communication Control Methods:2X USB Ports;2X Serial Ports;1X 100 Megabyte Ethernet Por

3、Reserved 1x Gigabyte Ethernet Port for extension functions using

4、It supports Ethernet Port Loop Dual Backup, Dual Master Controller Backup

5、It is compatible with 30HZ,50HZ,60HZ,120HZ and other Frame Rate Input

6、It supports to detect of the error rates of the gigabyte network