Mooncell RT703

Mooncell RT703 is a high-end & small-sized universal receiving card for the led display control system is fully researched and developed by Mooncell.


Function Characteristic

1、It features 26 sets of RGB outputs.

2、It features the DDR3 Interface.

3、It supports 8/10BIT Grey Scale.

4、With one card it can load the maximum 96k (256*384) pixels in total

5、Conventional IC but with High Refresh Rate, High Brightness and High Gray Scale.

6、It supports a read-back function, the receiving card is able to read the data back from where it has been stored.

7、It supports the network cable dual backup function.

8、The network cable connectivity detection is supported.

9、The brightness and Chroma pixel-level calibrations are supported.

10、Low Grey Scale can be compensated when it comes to Calibration

11、It supports getting the power from the board


Loading Specs

1、Parallel Data(RGB):26 Sets26 Sets

2、Serial Data:80 Sets

3、Maximum Loading(Pixels):256*384

4、Single Network Pot Cascading Quantity:≤1000PCS

5、Scanning Lines Supported:1-32 Lines