Mooncell F10S

Mooncell F10S is a high-end small-size oversized on-load receiving card launched by Mooncell.

It adopts dustproof and anti-loose board connector, which significantly improves stability and reliability


Function Characteristic

1、It features 2 x 120 Pin dust-proof & anti-loose standard connectors.

2、The calibration data will be automatically write in when the module is replaced.

3、It supports the pixel-level brightness&chroma calibration.

4、It supports the  Intelligent Recovery function while replacing the receiving cards (its programmes will be recovered automatically)

5、Dual receiving cards backup ( Dual Circuits backup), Network Cable Hot Backup(Online Backup), Dual Power Supplies Backup.

6、It supports detecting the error rates of the network cable & the serial # of the receiving card.

7、The Images on the led screen can be rotated 90 degrees a factor of multi times and also can be zoomed in & out.

8、It supports having the user-defined data interface(customized)

9、It is RoHS & CE-EMC compliant.

Loading Specs

1、Parallel Data (RGB): 32 Dataset

2、Serial Data: 96 Dataset

3、The maximum loading capacity(pixels):512*512

4、The quantity of the receiving cards that can be cascading connected:≤1000PCS

5、The scanning line supported:1-128 Lines

6、The maximum loading capacity in width:4095 pixe