Mooncell MVB10

MVB10 is a professionally led display controller with integrated video splicing and sending processing with powerful video signal receiving, splicing and processing abilities.

  • The maximum loading capacity could reach up to 6.5 million pixels.
  • It supports 3x HDMI and 1x DVI signal, so a seamless switching between multiple calls could be easily realized;
  • it supports arbitrary splicing;
  • it could help maximum 8 images to be displayed simultaneously


Product Introduction

Mooncell MVB10 has 10x Gigabyte Ethernet Output Ports and a series of rich & valuable functions, it provides flexible controlling of the display with high-quality images, and it is suitable for all kinds of shows with different standards.

Function Characteristic

1、Full Digital HD Interfaces, DVIx1, HDMIx3

2、It supports 4K@30HZ, Full Size(Pixel to Pixel) Display

3、It has 10x Gigabyte Ethernet Output Ports

4、The maximum loading capacity could reach up to 6.5 million pixels, one network port could load 3840 pixels (output) , the widest and highest could reach up to 3840 pixels

5、It supports freely switching the video sources and getting the scale of the led display

6、It supports getting 8 images on the screen, the images could be superimposed, roamed g and scaled

7、The images can be instantly switched, so as to make sure the screen won’t be totally black

8、The video source could be freely cropped and partially enlarged