Mooncell B200

Mooncell B200 spherical master is a customized 2-way Gigabit network port output independent master;

With a load of up to 1.3 million pixels; And has a powerful processing capacity to effectively improve load utilization, perfect support for any 2K resolution;

Large screen brightness can be adjusted off-line, with powerful processing power, ultra-stable performance and ultra-high cost performance.


Product Features

1、1x DVI video signal input, synchronous transmission via the network cable

2、1x AUDIO input, synchronous transmission via the network cable

3、2x gigabytes Ethernet output ports, it supports the arbitrary splicing

4、It supports Ethernet Port Loop Dual Backup, Dual Master Controller Backup

5、It is compatible with30HZ,50HZ,60HZ,120HZ and other Frame Rate Input

6、It supports to detect the error rates of the gigabyte network