Mooncell C10

Mooncell C10 is a small sized & high-end receiving card that was independently researched and developed by Mooncell, it could load 512 pixels, and the maximum loading capacity could reach up to 1024 pixels;

with its strong processing ability, super reliability, and its highly competitive price, the product has been widely used and loved by customers.


Function Characteristic

1、It features a small size and thickness, saving a lot more space for the narrow cabinet and space of the led strip(bar).

2、The output features the universal 2.0mm connector, with high stability and reliability

3、It features an advanced image processing core, which has greatly improved the performance of the displaying

4、With strong Led Driver IC compatibility, supporting the driving of all chips

5、It supports a safe upgrading

6、It supports arbitrary offset, the contents could be arbitrarily rotated, so that to support the connection of the special-shaped led displays

7、The Images on the led screen can be rotated 90 degrees a factor of multi times and also can be zoomed in & out.

8、It is RoHS & CE-EMC compliant.

Loading Specs

1、Parallel Data (RGB): 1 Group

2、The maximum loading capacity(pixels):512 Pixels

3、Single Network Pot Cascading Quantity:≤256PCS

4、The scanning line supported:1-2 Scan