What are the characteristics of the glass curtain wall LED display?

The glass curtain wall LED display is a kind of LED display. It is specially designed for the lighting of the glass curtain wall. It has more powerful functions than traditional lighting. It is integrated with the building during the day and can play video at night like a traditional LED display. , Pictures, text and other content, super large area display, the effect is more impressive. So, do you know what are the characteristics of the glass curtain wall LED display?

Features of glass curtain wall LED display:
1. High perspective rate: a perspective rate of over 80% to reduce the impact on the light transmission of the glass curtain wall;
2. All aluminum structure: strong structure, light weight, good weather resistance, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and waterproof;
3. Color variable: The display unit itself can customize the color according to the requirements of the environment, without changing the original style of the building during the day, and displaying video images at night;
4. Adjustable dot pitch: In view of the arc structure of most curtain walls, the light bar adopts longitudinal cascade, and the horizontal dot pitch can be adjusted at will to ensure the perfect transition of the image;

5. No power supply and no system design: Switching power supply and control system are the devices that are more prone to failure in the display screen, and are not easy to install and affect the appearance. Therefore, they should be concealed on the first floor or easy-to-maintain floors for power supply and signal The transmission distance can reach 50 meters or higher;
6. Simple installation: insert the light bar directly into the preset horizontal structure, and connect the data line and power line;
7. Convenient maintenance: Both front and back can be maintained, easy to disassemble and assemble.

Application of glass curtain curtain wall LED display:
Buildings with glass curtain walls, such as banks, shopping malls, theaters, hotels, TV towers, landmark buildings, etc.