What is the classification of LED video wall types?

LED video walls use multimedia technology, computer technology, video technology and other technologies. Therefore, LED video walls are in great demand because they provide clear image quality, as well as a series of other amazing benefits, such as low power consumption, less maintenance, longer life and so on. There are many options for that. So, do you know what the classification of LED video wall types is?

Indoor LED video wall:
LED video walls have gained a lot of popularity recently. It has been used in outdoor screens for decades, but it lacks the resolution of indoor displays. Today, LED video walls are ideal display options for indoor video wall systems. It is composed of many LED displays. The splicing composition of the LED display provides a variety of installation methods, including bending, ceiling installation, freestanding and so on.

1. Maximum brightness: Compared with other leading display technologies, it can provide maximum brightness.
2. Seamless experience: LEDs have no borders, so they can be spliced ​​together and create a seamless video wall to provide a seamless experience.
3. Reliability: LED displays are very reliable because they can withstand various temperature and humidity ranges.

Projection system:
Projection fusion systems tend to combine the output of multiple projectors to produce a higher resolution image than any single projector can produce. The projection fusion system mixes the output of many projectors to create a large display surface.

Advantages of the projection system:
1. Large display surface: These projection fusion systems tend to mix the output of multiple projectors together, which helps to create a large display surface.
2. Any shape, any size: The projection fusion system can produce images on curved, angular or even spherical surfaces. While creating a large screen, the clarity and brightness of the screen can still be guaranteed.

Small pitch:
Small-pitch LED video walls have become the standard display technology for most indoor video screen applications for entertainment, notification and advertising. Small-pitch LED displays are usually made of surface-mounted light-emitting diodes. Because the space between the two LED lamp beads in this technology is smaller, the picture quality is more delicate.

Advantages of small-pitch:
1. Effective content: The small-pitch LED video wall provides effective content. They provide clear resolution, images and sports content, etc.
2. Enhance aesthetics: LED displays can be designed in a cylindrical, concave or oval shape on the building to enhance the aesthetics and atmosphere.