Colorlight A4K

A4K is a new-generation cloud networking player, which supports 4K H265/H264 hardware decoding, 4K VP9 decoding, and 4K@30Hz output. Based on the powerful ColorlightCloud platform, functions such as player monitoring, program creating, program scheduling, program centralized publishing, and multi-level management are supported.


1.Brand-new breakthroughs

·Professional BS architecture, supporting accessing network via WiFi, LAN or 4G for cloud centralized management

·Multi-level management of cloud server and role-based program publishing

·Strong processing performance, supporting H265/H264 4K high-definition video hardware decoding and playback as well as 10bit video decoding and playback

·Support up to 3840 X 2160@30Hz output resolution, maximum width: 3840, maximum height: 2160

·8G storage (4G available), support playbackvia USB flash drive|

·Support stereo audio output


2.Safe and reliable 

·Adopt industrial components, stable and reliable

·System authorization and data encryption

·Multi-level permission management, with rigorous audit mechanism for program publishing

·Real-time monitoring of playback content and timely feedback on operating status


 3.Intelligent control, convenient management

·Plug and play content from USB flash drive

·Synchronized playback of multiple screens (GPS synchronization, NTP synchronization)

·Support scheduled commands, LAN-based scheduling and Internet-based scheduling

·Support being configured as WiFi hotspot and being managed via smartphone, Pad and PC

 4Convenient program management 

·Use PlayerMaster with comprehensive functions for editing programs, flexible and convenient

·Support overlaying of multiple windows, whose size and location can be freely adjusted

·Rich media materials, such as pictures, videos, texts, clocks, stream media,webpages and weather

·Support playing multiple program pages