colorlight SSR-L29 Brightness Sensor

The colorlight SSR-L16 Brightness Sensor can control the brightness required by the LED display according to the brightness of the light.


colorlight SSR-L29 Brightness Sensor

colorlight SSR-L29 Brightness Sensor


The colorlight SSR-L29 Brightness Sensor controls the circuit changes through the sensor chip inside, thus playing a regulatory role.The colorlight SSR-L29 Brightness Sensor can control the brightness required by the LED display sreen according to the brightness of the light, to prevent the LED display from being too bright, causing excessive lamp beads to wear out, affecting the life of the LED lamp beads. In addition, the brightness of the LED display screen can also be optimized to make it not too glaring.

The colorlight SSR-L29 Brightness Sensor can be used in conjunction with the multi-function sending card to give better play to its also has the following features:

  • Monitor environmental brightness, and auto adjust the brightness of LED display according to environmental brightness value and brightness adjustment strategy set up before, to achieve the aim of environmental protection and ensuring best viewing effect;
  • Connect with colorlight iM9 multifunction card with 4 optional extended interfaces;
  • Standard wire length: 5 meter;Tip:Maybe you are worried that it is not long enough? It doesn’t matter, if the quantity required is enough, we can provide extended service!
  • For outdoor or indoor use, three proofing properties included.However, for outdoor use, some protection is still needed. Excessive exposure can easily damage the outer protective shell.
  • This product has a wiring port, so you don’t need additional power supply, you can save space.
  • Appearance size: Ǿ32*41
  • Rated voltage used is 5V
  • Working temperature ranges between 20 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees Celsius
  • Working humidity is 0-99%
  • Brightness range is 0-65535LUX;Tip:Lux is the unit of measurement of illuminance and can also be written as lx.


Rated voltage 5V
Working temperature -20℃—75℃
Working humidity 0—99%
Brightness range 0—65535 lux

Hardware Connection

colorlight SSR-L29 Brightness Sensorcolorlight iM9 multifunction card


Unit: mm

Schematic diagram of colorlight SSR-L29 Brightness Sensor connection