Colorlight N6 Mini Receiving Card

Colorlight N6 Mini Receiving Card is a mini receiver card developed by Colorlight for outdoor fixed displays and lighting screens. With a size of 66mm×25.4mm, N6 is suitable for light bar screens, net screens, dot lights and special-shaped screens, and it can effectively save space and reduce the difficulty in designing screen structure. Additionally, the N6 receiver card can work in a wide range of temperature, which is up to 75℃, and thus it is applicable to harsh outdoor environment.

Colorlight N6 Mini Receiving Card supports 100BASE-T and 1000BASE-T Ethernet modes. The N6 card can be connected in series with 1000BASE-T Ethernet cables, or be used with the R8 distributor. It supports the two or four-cable 100BASE-T cascading mode when used in conjunction with the distributor.


Colorlight N6 Mini Receiving Card

Colorlight N6 Mini Receiving Card

Specification Version Hardware Version Release Date Description
V1.0 V3.0 2019-05-30 First release
V2.0 V3.0 2020-10-15 Modify the typesetting.
V3.1 V3.1 2020-10-20 Improve the Ethernet port circuit.


Colorlight N6 Mini Receiving Card


  • Loading capacity: 256×256 pixels
  • 24 groups of data output in parallel, or 64 groups of data output in series, supporting signal extension
  • High-precision pixel to pixel calibration of chromaticity and brightness
  • Better performance under low grayscale status
  • Support up to 1/32 scan
  • Support any pumping point and data group offset, and can realize various freeform displays
  • Support firmware backup and safe firmware upgrade
  • Support loop backup
  • Support automatic OSD and automatic connection
  • Support serial port extension, which can extend the display of LCD
  • Fully enclosed design, effectively shielding electromagnetic wave, allowing the display to pass the EMI test


Control System Parameters
Sending Device Compatible with all series of Colorlight senders
Control Area Full color: 256×256
Ethernet Port Exchange Supported, with no distinction between the input and output
Gray Level Up to 65536 levels
Synchronization Nanosecond synchronization between cards
Display Module Compatibility
Supported Chips Conventional chips, PWM chips, lighting chips and other mainstream driver ICs
Scan Mode Conventional mode and high refresh rate mode, supporting the refresh rate to multiply
Scan Type Up to 1/32 scan
Supported Module Specification The modules of which the pixel number is within 4096
Cable Direction Support route from left to right, from right to left, from top to bottom, from bottom to top
Data Group 24 groups of parallel data, 64 groups of serial data, the row decoding signal can be used as clock extension
Data Folded Support 2 splits and 4 splits in the same direction, or 2 splits in the opposite direction, which can significantly enhance refresh rates
Data Exchange 24 groups of data for any exchange
Module pumping point Support any pumping point
Data Serial Transmission RGB, R8G8B8, R16G16B16, etc. in a serial form
Compatible Device and Interface Type
Communication Distance CAT5e ≤140m; CAT6 ≤170m

Optical fiber: single-mode fiber converter ≤20km, multi-mode fiber converter ≤550m (Support using the repeater to extend unlimitedly)

Compatible Transmission Device Gigabit switch, fiber converter, optical switch
DC Power Interface Powered by the HUB board
HUB Interface Type Refer to signal interface definition below
Physical Parameters
Size 66mm×25.4mm
Input Voltage DC 3.6V~5.5V
Rated Current 0.6A
Rated Power Consumption 3W
Operating Temperature -25℃~75℃
Body Static Resistance 2KV
Weight 12g
Extension Interface
LCD Supported
Pixel to Pixel Calibration
Brightness Calibration Supported
Chromaticity Calibration Supported
Other Features
Hot Backup Support dual firmware backup, loop backup and seamless switching
Shaped Screen Various freeform displays like spherical displays and diamond displays can be realized through arbitrary offset of data groups



No. Name Function
1 Ethernet Port For transmitting network signals, with no distinction between input and output, powered by the receiver card
2 Dual 42Pin Interface Output RGB data and such control signals as CLK, LE and OE

Definition of Pins

  1. Definition of communication pin and power pin


Instruction Definition Pin No. Definition Instruction
Ethernet Port 1 DD1A+ 1 2 DD1A- Ethernet Port 1
DD1B+ 3 4 DD1B-
DD1C+ 5 6 DD1C-
DD1D+ 7 8 DD1D-
Power Supply DC_IN 9 10 DC_IN Power Supply
Grounding GND 11 12 GND Grounding
Ethernet Port 2 DD2A+ 13 14 DD2A- Ethernet Port 2
DD2B+ 15 16 DD2B-
DD2C+ 17 18 DD2C-
DD2D+ 19 20 DD2D-
  1. Definition of dual 42pin


Instruction Definition Pin No. Definition Instruction
Serial Clock FCLK 1 2 FA Row Decoding Signal

FA: low

FE: high

FD can be used as clock extension

Latch FLAT 3 4 FB
Absolute Clock FOE 5 6 FC
Blanking Signal LED_CTRL 7 8 FD
Test Button, Indicator LED_BTN 9 10 FE
Receiving End of Serial Port EX_RXD 11 12 EX_TXD Transmitting End of Serial Port
Parallel Output/ Serial Output FRD1/DATA1 13 14 FRD2/DATA4 Parallel Output/ Serial Output
FRD3/DATA7 19 20 FRD4/DATA10
FGD3/DATA8 21 22 FGD4/DATA11
FBD3/DATA9 23 24 FBD4/DATA12
FRD5/DATA13 25 26 FRD6/DATA16
FGD5/DATA14 27 28 FGD6/DATA17
FBD5/DATA15 29 30 FBD6/DATA18
FRD7/DATA19 31 32 FRD8/DATA22
FGD7/DATA20 33 34 FGD8/DATA23
FBD7/DATA21 35 36 FBD8/DATA24
FRD9/DATA25 37 38 FRD10/DATA28
FGD9/DATA26 39 40 FGD10/DATA29
FBD9/DATA27 41 42 FBD10/DATA30
Instruction Definition Pin No. Definition Instruction
Parallel Output/ Serial Output FRD11/DATA31 1 2 FRD12/DATA34 Parallel Output/ Serial Output
FGD11/DATA32 3 4 FGD12/DATA35
FBD11/DATA33 5 6 FBD12/DATA36
FRD13/DATA37 7 8 FRD14/DATA40
FGD13/DATA38 9 10 FGD14/DATA41
FBD13/DATA39 11 12 FBD14/DATA42
FRD15/DATA43 13 14 FRD16/DATA46
FGD15/DATA44 15 16 FGD16/DATA47
FBD15/DATA45 17 18 FBD16/DATA48
FRD17/DATA49 19 20 FRD18/DATA52
FGD17/DATA50 21 22 FGD18/DATA53
FBD17/DATA51 23 24 FBD18/DATA54
FRD19/DATA55 25 26 FRD20/DATA58
FGD19/DATA56 27 28 FGD20/DATA59
FBD19/DATA57 29 30 FBD20/DATA60
FRD21/DATA61 31 32 FRD22/DATA64
FGD21/DATA62 33 34 FGD22
FBD21/DATA63 35 36 FBD22
FRD23 37 38 FRD24
FGD23 39 40 FGD24
FBD23 41 42 FBD24

Unit: mm



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