colorlight H16F Fiber Converter


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colorlight H16F Fiber Converter

colorlight H16F Fiber Converter



  • Distributed feedback laser diode (DFB LD)
  • Single mode twin-core fiber (TCF)
  • Up to 20Gb/s data links
  • Fiber module with 2Km transmission distance

Fiber module with 20Km transmission distance (optional)

  • Multi-source package with full-duplex LC connector
  • Plug-and-play
  • Eye-safety designed to meet laser class 1

Interface Description

Parameters Description

Storage Temperature -40 ~ 85℃
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 70℃
Power AC 100~240V
Data Rate 20Gb/s
Working Mode Single-Mode
Transmission Distance Fiber module of 2Km, fiber module of 20Km (optional)
Fiber Interface Type Full-duplex LC
Laser DFB
Gigabit Ethernet Port 16 ports×RJ45
Fiber Interface 2 ports×10G bandwidth


In conjunction with Z6


Unit: mm