colorlight X7

X7 is a professional control system and video processing equipment specially designed for LED engineering applications.
It is shipped with various video signal interfaces, and supports high-definition digital ports (DVI, HDMI, SDI) and their seamless switching, allowing broadcast quality scaling and multi-picture display.
With 8 Gigabit Ethernet outputs, X7 supports an LED display with a maximum of 8192 pixels in width or 4096 pixels in height.
Also used with a series Of versatile functions for flexible screen control and high-quality image display, X7 enjoys strong advantages in LED engineering applications.



Full Compatibility of Different Input Signals

Support various HD video input signals, suitable for different scenarios

Support large load capacity with 8 network output ports


Three-Layer Display

Free display layout for 3-layer of HD inputs, enabling smooth scaling effect


Video Deinterlacing

3G-SDI input port supports video deinterlacing. The refined algorithm makes the image display clearer


Independent Audio Port

Equipped with Hi-Fi audio input and output ports, it extracts the audio from the HDMI signal and outputs it to the speaker through the device’s audio port

The speaker system makes it easier to operate


Cascading Control among Multiple Processors

Support USB cascading control for up to 64 devices