Mooncell MTB2000

Mooncell MTB2000 has the capability of receiving a variety of video signals,ultra-high-definition 4K*2K image processing, and sending capability;

it can send the processed video to the led screen
through the Ethernet Port and fiber port;

with strong processing ability, super reliability and high
cost performance.


Function Features

1、Varieties of input interface: 1X DP 1.2 Input; 1X HDMI2.0 Input;1X Audio Input

2、Varieties of Output Interface: 20X Gigabyte Ethernet Port Output;4X Optical Fiber Bidirectional Duplex Transmission, 1X HDMI Loop Output

3、Multiple Communication Control Methods:1X USB Port; 1X Serial Port;1X 100 Megabyte Ethernet Port

4、It supports Ethernet Port Loop Dual Backup, Dual Master Controller Backup

5、It supports having multiple preset resolutions, and the user-defined resolution is supported

6、It supports the upper computer software to detect the operating parameters and status of the sending card

7、It supports reading the configurations back from where it was stored ( configuration read back )