Mooncell MVB4S Pro

MVB4SPro is a 2in1 LED video processor produced by Mooncell and which has integrated
with a video processor and sending a card.

It supports quickly led display set-up, without using the computer software to configure the connections of the led display, which has greatly simplified the on-site debugging steps.

It features a complete video image input interface,including:1x VGA,1x DVI,1x HDMI,1x CV, and the Full HD Signal Input is supported; it features 4x Gigabit Ethernet Ports,1x DVI LOOP out, the single unit could upload 2.6 million pixels, the widest horizontal resolution could reach up to 3840 and the vertical could reach up to 1920.


Function Characteristic

1、4 Ethernet Ports for Outputs,2.6 Million pixels could be uploaded, the single Ethernet Port could upload 650 thousand pixels; widest horizontal resolution:3840/ vertical:1920

2、It features multiple video input interfaces:1×VGA、1×DVI、1×DVI LOOP、1×HDMI 、1×CV

3、It has an independent audio input, audio separation output

4、It supports instant switching between multiple signal input channels or fade-in & fade out

5、No need to debug through the software on the computer, just a knob and button to quickly get the led display connected, easy and simple operation

6、It supports wizard debugging mode to make debugging easier and more convenient

7、It supports dual picture function(HDMI, DVI), picture in picture or pictures out picture could be realized, the size is adjustable

8、Graphic overlay, keying synthesis function, convenient to achieve the effect of subtitle overlay, image synthesis