Mooncell K3000

Mooncell K3000 adopts a high-performance multi-core processor, main frequency of 1.8G, onboard 4G RAM, 64G EMMC internal storage, powerful image processing capability and H264\H265 HD video hard decoding capability.

K3000 supports 1 HDMI input and 3 HDMI output interfaces. It integrates a computer, a central controller, and a video player.

It is simple in configuration and flexible in application. Instructions to play different scene videos, and can strobe according to instructions or low-frequency drum beats of music, suitable for KTV and bar rooms.


Function Characteristic

1、It supports USB play,the video and picture could be played together

2、It supports 3 zoom modes:Full Screen Zoom,Point-to-Point Display and Custom Zoom

3、Its upports the quick screen connection,with very simple operation,the screen configuration could be completed

4、The intuitive LCD display interface on the front panel and clear button light prompts simplify the control operation of the system

5、Its upport to create 8 user scenes as templates ,save them and call them directly,which is convenient to use

6、The input channel can be switched seamlessly