Mooncell ST60

Mooncell  ST60 is the synchronous sending card from Mooncell.


Function Characteristic

1、1x DVI Video Input.

2、6x Ethernet Port Outputs.

3、Multiple sending cards could be cascading connected to the USB port on one PC.

4、Multiple Resolutions Supported:640×480、800×600、1024×768、1280×1024、 1280×720、1280×800、1366×768、1600×1200、1920×1080、2048×1152、 2560×960,and the resolutions is supported to be read back.

5、With one card it could load 2.6 million pixels in total, and for one Ethernet Port,650k pixels could be loaded in total, the positions of the images could be set at anywhere as you wish.

6、2 ways are supported to get.

7、It supports bringing the Chroma on the Led Screen back to its original state.

8、DVI Dual Backup.


Loading Specs

1、2.6 Million Pixels

2、One Network Port: 650 Thousand Pixels

3、The maximum in width: 4096 pixels

4、The maximum in height: 4096 pixels