Mooncell MTB400S

Mooncell MTB400 is the Big Sending Enclosure that produced by Moonell, it supports 1x DVI & 1x HDMI Video Signal Input and is with 4 Network Ports Outputs. The maximum loading capacity could reach up to 2.6 million pixels


Function Characteristic

1、The programs will be recovered automatically with just one click after replacing the sending card.

2、It supports multiple resolutions:1600×1200、1920×1080、 204×1152、2560×960, and also the resolution can be user-defined (customized)

3、It supports inspecting the brightness, Gamma and locations.

4、It supports the pixel-level brightness&chroma calibration

5、To adjust the brightness by pressing the keys on the enclosure

6、Indicators for Network Port Communication Status, DVI Status and USB Communication Status.

Loading Specs

1、1.3 Million Pixels

2、One Network Port: 650 Thousand Pixels

3、The maximum width: 4096 pixels

4、The maximum height: 4096 pixels