colorlight Active Shutter 3D Glasses


colorlight Active Shutter 3D Glasses Introduction

When we usually watch that kind of 3D video pictures, the pictures directly watched are not very clear, because some 3D pictures are red and blue stereoscopic movies, such pictures are red and blue misaligned.

Such red and blue stereoscopic movies generally have red lenses for the left eye and blue for the right eye. The picture is also that the red lens can only pass red light, and the blue lens can only pass blue light. In this way, the left eye lens will filter out the blue content of the picture and only see the red part, and the right eye will filter out the red part, and only the blue part will be seen. The left and right eyes see different pictures and produce a three-dimensional effect. The use of 3D glasses can help us correct this problem and make the video image clear and three-dimensional.

This 3D glasses launched by Colorlight uses lightweight acrylic material, and the lens is loaded with light and thin horizontal and vertical polarizers, so after wearing it, it does not feel heavy, but feels very comfortable and beautiful. Let’s take a look at some information about 3D glasses


• High contrast and black level

• Lightweight and stylish design with comfort

• Always Sync with 3D contents based on RF of 3D

• Rechargeable with long-life lithium polymer battery

• Adopt 2.4G wireless technology which does not disturb the use of common remote-controller, and it can avoid interference of remote-controller at the same time

• Adopts sync signal digital coding technology with strong anti-jamming capability

• Eyeglass is processed by hardening on both sides

• Compatible with all kinds of 3D display equipment


Optical Parameters

• Contrast: 1000:1

• Refresh rate: 120Hz (Standard), 48Hz/50Hz/60Hz/72Hz (Self-adaption for sync signal)

• Light transmittance: 35%, ±2%

• Response time: 2.0ms

• Viewing angle: 80°

Electric Parameters

• Lithium battery: 80mAH

• Charge time: 2.5Hours

• Charge current: 50mA

• Rated working voltage: 3.7V

• Rated working current: 0.7mA, ±0.1mA

• Shutdown current: 12uA, ±1.0uA

• Synch mode: RF

• Received frequency: 2.4G

• Receiving sensitivity: -94.5dBm

Basic Parameters

• Weight: 40g, ±1g

• Continuous working time: 60Hours

Working Environment

• Operating temperature: 0℃-40℃

• Storage temperature: -20℃-60℃

• Working humidity: 20%-80%RH

• Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa-106kPa


No. Name Function Remarks
Switch ON/OFF Switch to “OFF” first if it is “ON” at the beginning.
Indicator light Working indicator light Green light flashes when the glasses work normally.

Red light means the glasses is charging.